Los Angeles County Landmark Registration

LA County Register of Landmarks and Historic Districts

The Los Angeles County Register of Landmarks and Historic Districts (County Register) is the County's official list created to maintain an inventory of County designated landmarks and historic districts in the unincorporated area of the County. The County Register is maintained  by the Historical Landmarks and Records Commission ( Landmarks Commission)  pursuant to the County's Historic Preservation Ordinance No. 2015-0033.

The Doumakes House

The Doumakes House was built in 1928 in View Park in of the Spanish Colonial Revival style. The single-family two-story house comprises 3,117 square ft. on two levels, including four bedrooms and three bathrooms.


LA County Landmark and Historic District Registration

Nominations for designation of landmarks and historic districts come from private individuals and organizations, or may originate with the Board of Supervisors or the Historical Landmarks and Records Commission.

The Landmarks Commission reviews each property (landmark and historic district) proposed for designation and makes a recommendation on its eligibility. The Regional Planning Commission also reviews proposed historic districts for consistency with the General Plan. Ultimately, the Board of Supervisors has authority to designate a listing on the County Register.