About Us


Stephen J. Sass, Chairman

Representing Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

Third District

Welcome to the Historical Landmarks and Records Commission!

We are proud of the distinctive historical buildings and exceptional architecture that are evident throughout Los Angeles County. As an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors, we strive to promote, preserve and protect Los Angeles County’s architectural resources. From the County’s first Cultural Landmark - The Hollywood Bowl, to the first private home designated as a County Historic Landmark – The Doumakes House, we recognize the importance of preserving the design, workmanship, aesthetics and historical connection which makes each structure unique and irreplaceable. The preservation of Los Angeles County’s distinctive architecture will ensure an extraordinary legacy for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Ordinance: Section 3.30.010

The purpose of the commission shall be to act in an advisory capacity and as a screening commission for the Board of Supervisors


Historical Landmarks and Records Commission Duties

  • The Commission reviews and screens applications submitted to the Board of Supervisors to nominate certain buildings, structures, natural features and sites to be registered with the California Office of Historical Preservation.
  • The applications are for buildings and or structures to be registered as:
    • California Historical Landmark
    • California Point of Historical Interest
  • The Commission considers and comments for the Board, on applications relating to the National Register of Historic Places.
    • The criteria for considering and commenting on applications are as specified in the Federal law and regulations relating to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The Commission is also designated as a memorial plaque review committee to:
    • Screen applications to donate historical memorial plaques
    • Determine if the plaque(s) is worthy of installation on County property
    • Make recommendation to the Board